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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Countless Golden tears

I took a walk on Saturday on Skipworth Common. I had passed it the day before returning from a visit to Driffield. I had caught site of some odd buildings near the road and when I was home researched the area and discovered it had previously been a war time airfield, Riccal. I also discovered that part of it was now part of a nature reserve – Skipworth Common. So my wife and I  went there for a walk. these are photos I took of the old runway and the surrounding area. It was quite eerie to walk along what was once a runway and perimeter track, past dispersal areas and think of the few short years in which this land was the last that some knew. I wondered what the earth could tell us of them if it could speak. When I got home I started to put together some thoughts in poetry – not something I do that often.

Here is that poem:

Autumn returns

To the disused Runways

Perimeter tracks and dispersal areas

Now fractured, softened, hidden

Made green with grass and trees

Joggers now dodge Walkers with dogs

Who, without thought, trace

The steps of yesterdays forgotten heroes

Whilst unnumbered silver birch

Give voice to the unknown endless prayers

Absorbed by this burdened ground

And, as if in answer God weeps

Countless Golden tears

That lay upon the troubled earth

Soothing its memory of

Once heard, once felt,

Sorrows, hopes and fears

Of young men who

Took wing into the night

Some never to return to this

Earthly runway

While their brothers

In empty Bombers

Land bearing relieved

If heavy hearts.

Tim Coleman 1/11/09


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